Another bit found on Instagram. This time, it’s about a 15 year old named Ivan. It’s mentioned in the way it’s said that Ivan has cancer. It’s also mentioned that in the way it said that doctors discovered that Ivan has severe brain tumour. It also seemed that he had chemotherapy treatment that almost caused Ivan to die. It’s also mentioned when Ivan was little, he had a kidney transplant and the drugs he must’ve took didn’t help in the treatment. Bits like this, it seems like kids like Ivan are saying this in their own words like the other ones like with Eva and the other children.

If true, is anyone willing to pray that Ivan gets healed and along with those close to him gets saved please?

Also, there’s someone named Bonnie who has a friend who’s 54 year old and is very ill (multiple things wrong including pneumonia). Is anyone also willing to pray that she gets healed but she, Bonnie and those close to them gets saved please?

Thank you.

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