Hi, someone named Richa is on a ventilator in a hospital in India. She has low tuberculosis low blood pressure and increase in sugar also lung infection.

There’s someone named Claire who’s doing drugs and has a 3 year old.

Someone named Sandy who’s neighbour has terminal lung cancer and is admitted to hospital.

There’s someone who has a cousin who has stage 4 colon cancer.

A male named Brendan is suffering from psychosis and it’s mentioned that he needs to be admitted to a secure mental health facility.

Another male named Dave has prostate cancer and it’s mentioned that it’s in the early stages.

There’s someone named Baeya who’s battling demons and there’s a 16 year old named Isaiah who has ran away. It’s also mentioned that he’s been very depressed. Is anyone willing to pray that God intervenes in the lives of the situations mentioned above, that they get healed and they all get saved including those around them in Christ Jesus please?

Thank you very much.

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Lucky LaRue Martin

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