Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Sean in Silicon Valley, CA-God’s Help for Many:

Please pray for the Lord’s wonderful presence, truth/light, freedom/liberty, hope, love, grace, mercy, help, rescue & deliverance, complete healing (even His natural & supernatural/miraculous quick physical healing and pain/anxiety relief), full-household salvation, peace, comfort, provision, safety and protection, and all that’s good from God above for: USA, Israel & Jerusalem, Canada, Mexico, all the Lord’s churches/ministries/groups/gatherings/denominations (local and world-wide), all the Lord’s people (THE BODY/CHURCH OF CHRIST), me (Sean) & all my family/relatives/loved ones, for all I’ve prayed for, & for all of mankind and the nations/kingdoms/governments on earth as the Lord wills. Please pray that the Lord would forgive us, deliver us all from all evil & the Evil One, grant to us ALL OUR PRAYERS according to His will, & grant us entrance into His Heavenly Kingdom forever.

Please pray for the Lord’s healing of my eyes, skin, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, & healing/pain relief for my lower back. Also, please pray for the complete healing and full household salvation for all my family/relatives. Thank you, amen.

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