Twesige Selegio

Greetings from Wilma Fox Child Development Center in Uganda!
We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support in helping
the orphans and needy children of Uganda. Our organization helps to
rescue these children from the streets and broken homes.
Uganda is in desperate need of your support, today! The COVID-19
pandemic has only worsened the conditions for the
Ugandan orphans and needy children living with AIDS in abject poverty. These orphans and
other abandoned children have no way of meeting their basic needs, no
education and no hope for the future without your help.
.Sponsor a child today by
making a monthly contribution of any amount you can make an immediate impact
by making a donation online at .Your donation will
help to provide the children you sponsor with the basic necessities
they need to survive.We will provide you with your child photos,and other details.

Best Regards
Twesige Selegio,
Telephone is +2566785521916
WhatsApp +256705239586

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